Paris for One & Other Stories by Jojo Moyes


I’m almost ashamed to admit that over the years I’ve tried reading short story collections only a few times, and each of those times I didn’t finish the book.  Ashamed that I haven’t tried to read more short stories, and ashamed that I couldn’t get through the ones I did start reading. So when I spotted Jojo Moyes’ Paris for One & Other Short Stories on the shelf at the library the other day, my two initial thoughts were: “Jojo Moyes…one of my favorite authors!” and “Uh…short stories…I don’t know if I will like that book.”  After a moment of just standing there looking at its spine, I picked it up and checked out, convinced that if I couldn’t get through a collection of stories by Jojo Moyes I would just accept that short stories are not for me and abandon any lingering guilt in my mind about it.

Well, I’m so happy to report that not only did I make my way through all 336 pages of this book, but I devoured these stories.  They’re all about average women living very normal lives, growing into themselves, overcoming their fears and nagging doubts.  It begins with a novella called Paris for One which is a fabulous story about a 26 year old woman named Nell who has never been to Paris.  She’s always lived a rather “safe” life, so it’s a big deal when her boyfriend fails to show up for a weekend getaway in Paris and she finds herself there, alone.  I enjoyed this story so much I didn’t want it to end!

That is followed by eight short stories and I enjoyed all of them just as much.  They’re engaging, entertaining and romantic…perfect reading if you want something short and sweet.  This book reminded me how much I enjoy Jojo Moyes’ writing. It also lifted a bit of a weight from my shoulders now that I realize that I can finish a book of short stories.  Now I need to find some more short stories to read. Any suggestions?  Happy reading, everyone!


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