The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown

If you’re a sci-fi fan, or if you enjoy books like The Hunger Games, you’ll want to add Pierce Brown’s Red Rising saga to your to-read list.  I read the series during the past couple of months and thought it was fantastic.  The story begins in the first book, Red Rising, and continues with books two and three, Golden Son and Morning Star.  In a future society, people are divided and ranked by a series  of colors with Reds on the bottom and Golds on the top.  Darrow, a member of the Reds, has lived his life in the underground mines of Mars along with his fellow Reds believing that they are working hard to prepare the planet for the arrival of other colors.  However, they’ve been deceived by the Golds all along.  People have already been living on Mars and all the other planets.  Through a series of events, Darrow ends up infiltrating the Gold ranks in a mission to bring justice and equality to all of the people.

The first two books were fast-paced and action-packed and I flew through them.  The third dragged a little bit for me, but I liked the overall series so much I was able to get through it.

Brown is currently working on another Red Rising book called Iron Gold and it should be published by January 2018. Happy reading!


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