Brian Vaughan’s Graphic Novels

I don’t read a lot of graphic novels, but I do like to branch out and read things that push me in different directions.  I picked up some graphic novels from the library recently, and it turns out that they’re a nice change of pace from regular novels. I read  Pride of Baghdad by Brian Vaughan, in under an hour.  It’s based on the true story of a pride of lions that escaped from the Baghdad Zoo during an American bombing raid in 2003.  Though they are free to roam the streets, they are lost, confused and hungry.  I thought the illustrations were amazing, but several scenes did turn my stomach.  For me this book was just ok.

Brian Vaughan also wrote a graphic novel series called Saga. The books’ illustrations, done by Fiona Staples, are amazing.  This series is definitely not for everyone.  There are some intensely graphic scenes throughout these books which may turn some people off.  Also, if you are not into fantasy and science fiction, these books probably won’t appeal to you very much.  However, I do enjoy a good fantasy/sci-fi story and this one is excellent.  There are 7 volumes so far. In Saga, there is an interstellar war going on and two lovers, soldiers on opposite sides of the war, have a baby and struggle to find a safe place to raise her while being hunted by both sides.  The world that Vaughan creates is unlike anything we know…a royal family has computers for heads, there is a cat that knows if people are lying, a huge tree becomes a rocket ship, one lover has horns in his head and the other has wings on her back. However, the characters in the book talk and think just as we do, so it’s all really interesting.  I devoured the first two volumes and immediately requested the rest from the library.  I’m definitely a fan of this series!



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