Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris


Jack and Grace Angel, newly married, live in a beautiful home and seem to have a perfect life. Or do they? I won’t say too much more about the plot of this book because it’s a thriller and I certainly don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read it yet.  As far as a review and rating of this book, I’m feeling conflicted. 

On the one hand, I couldn’t stop reading it. I put my stay-at-home mom multi-tasking skills to the test and finished it within 24 hours.  This book is under 300 pages and what I would consider a page-turning easy read, but it’s still rare for me to read any book so quickly.  The story drew me in from the beginning and held my interest until the very end.  As far as psychological thrillers go, I’m guessing this is probably one of the best out there.

On the other hand, a mere ten pages into this book I felt a pit in my gut and had two thoughts.  First, memories of previous psychological thrillers that stressed me out while I was reading them. Second, a feeling that I should abandon the book to avoid the stress and then the immediate realization that the only way to get the book out of my mind was to actually finish it.  I tend to think a lot about the book I’m reading even when I’m not actually reading it, and so I think part of the reason I finished this one so quickly was that I needed to get the story out of my mind and life as soon as possible.  Behind Closed Doors brought to mind two other psychological thriller/sociopath type books I’ve read in the past: You by Caroline Kepnes and Before I Go to Sleep by S.J Watson.  I had a similar reaction to both of those books.  Even though all three are full of suspense and are excellent thrillers, they just don’t appeal to me because I just don’t need any extra stress in my life these days.  If you, however, enjoy books like You or Before I Go to Sleep, then I’m sure that you will LOVE Behind Closed Doors and I would encourage you to get your hands on a copy right away. Happy reading!





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