Books on Black Friday

I’m not much of a Black Friday shopper because I don’t care for crowds and I usually shop for things only when I need them.  Therefore I usually end up staying home during the days following Thanksgiving to relax and let the simplicity of Thanksgiving linger in my soul for awhile.

That said, there is no doubt that I have a weakness for books.  So when I learned last week that Barnes & Noble sells signed editions of certain books during the weekend following Thanksgiving each year, I knew I had to go there on Black Friday to purchase one.  I typically don’t purchase many books during the year; most of the books I read are from the library, so this treat to myself was a pretty big deal for me.  Since my sons also love to read, I brought them with me and bought a couple of signed books for them too.  I got The Book Thief by Markus Zusak because I’ve wanted to read it for some time now.  The boys got Double Down (Wimpy Kid #11) by Jeff Kinney and The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan, two of their favorite authors.

If you haven’t already stopped by Barnes & Noble this weekend to check out their signed books, you may want to drop by tomorrow to see what they have on the shelves. Happy reading!


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