Along the Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams


I have become a big fan of Beatriz Williams’ novels.  Earlier this year I read Tiny Little Thing and loved it so much I read The Secret Life of Violet Grant soon after.  I just finished Along the Infinite Sea and it didn’t disappoint.  While each of these novels is a stand-alone novel that can be read and enjoyed on its own, it is a real treat to read all three.  Each book has as its main character one of the three Schuyler sisters and there are references made to the other sisters and family members.

Along the Infinite Sea is about Pepper Schuyler who is pregnant after having an affair with a well-known and married politician.  She fixes up and sells a rare Mercedes and hopes that the money from the sale will be enough to support her and her baby.  She gets to know the woman who purchased the car, Annabelle Dommerich.  Throughout the book, we learn about Annabelle’s life which includes a Nazi husband and a Jewish lover and a really beautiful love story. The story shifts back and forth from Pepper’s story to Annabelle’s story and it all comes together really well. The book held my interest from beginning to end.  However, I did feel like some things that happened in the story were too coincidental and too unbelievable to be realistic.  So although I really enjoyed this story, I didn’t care for it as much as Tiny Little Thing and The Secret Life of Violet Grant.  I do highly recommend all three books though!

Williams has written several other books that I plan to read, including A Certain Age which just came out this year.




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