Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert


I just finished listening to the audio book version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” and I loved it.  Many years ago I couldn’t get into Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” and it became one of the few books I never finished.  Maybe I should pick that one up and try to read it again because I really enjoyed Big Magic. It’s difficult to say if I would have enjoyed it as much if I had just read a hard copy.  She reads her book in such a straight-forward and down-to-earth way. I felt like she was sitting next to me in my van encouraging me to be creative. Her message is inspiring and uplifting…that you can and should follow whatever creative activity you feel curious about.  We all have creativity inside of us and we should pursue things we enjoy for no other reason than to just enjoy those things.

Since I was born into a family of people who made things…sewers, carpenters, farmers, gardeners, knitters…I’ve always incorporated creative projects into my life.  Sometimes in the course of a busy week I feel like I shouldn’t be wasting my time knitting a sock, brushing up on my French language skills or practicing on my bagpipe chanter, but this book made me realize just how important it is to keep on making things, pursuing new creative outlets that inspire me and following through with those creative ideas that come to my mind every now and then.  In fact, Gilbert inspired me to start this blog. I thought, “Why not? I love to read and I feel like writing about books. Why not start a blog? So what if it fails? So what if nobody even reads it? It doesn’t need to be perfect and I’m not expecting anything from it except the pure joy of writing about books.”

I’m sure I will listen to this audio book again and again. I just learned that Gilbert also has several “Magic Lessons” podcast episodes that you can download and listen to, so I think I’ll listen to those too. Here’s the link to the podcasts.





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